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We’ve been working with Greener Power, a business energy brokerage firm based in Glasgow, for much of the last year.

Greener Power work with business clients to find them the best electricity, gas and water deals available that day. They partner with over 25 of the leading business utility providers in the UK. They also help customers find merchant service deals, such as card payment machines.

We’ve helped Greener Power develop their website and promote themselves online using ads on search engines and social media channels.


Content review and development

We started with a review of the Greener Power website, identifying ways to improve both its structure and content. This included keyword research, making sure the text matched what potential customers were looking for on search engines like Google. We used this data to write new copy that was focused and engaging. It was also optimised to improve the site’s overall performance in search results (SEO).


We added analytics tracking on the website, as we do on all the websites we produce. This includes counting page views and finding information on user devices (e.g. desktop computers or mobiles). We also added tracking of more specific actions, such as form completions and button clicks.

We put together an interactive dashboard so the client could see all this information in one place.

Greener Power branding

Greener Power had a logo that they’d recently developed. We supplied versions that could be used online and offline, such as on social media profiles and signage.

Greener Power

Online advertising

Once the website update was finished, the client was keen to promote their business using paid advertising. They wanted to:

  1. Appear prominently on Google when people searched for business energy and merchant service deals.
  2. Promote their price comparison app to those who might be able to use it as part of their own business.
  3. Find regional partners who could benefit from teaming up with an established company with existing links to many leading providers.

We used Google Ads for the first objective and LinkedIn Ads for the other two.

Google Ads

Ads on Google generally appear at the top of search results. They are the listings with the word ‘Ad’ beside them. They appear when a user types a specific word or phrase in the search field. This means you can get relevant ads in front of people looking for your services. Best of all, you only pay for ads that are clicked.

We put together two campaigns for Greener Power, split between business energy suppliers and merchant service providers. We developed two landing pages, one for each campaign. The pages include a contact form as the main call to action (CTA) and information on the comparison process and the company.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads are more traditional in that they are display ads. They appear in the form of sponsored content in the news feed or as small images on the sidebar. They do not appear based on user behaviour, rather they are targeted based on user profiles, such as industry sector or job title.

Once again, we developed a landing page for each campaign we ran on this platform. However, the main call to action in each case was asking users to complete a form on LinkedIn itself. The lead gen forms (as LinkedIn calls them) open when a user clicks on the ad. They are pre-populated with information stored on LinkedIn, such as a user’s name and email address. This saves the user time and is more likely to lead to a conversion (i.e. the form being sent).

In both cases, we worked with the client on the design and development of ads and implemented conversion tracking using Google Tag Manager.

Work with us

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