Evening services leaflet for Airdrie Baptist

Sunday evenings timetable

We were commissioned by Airdrie Baptist Church to help promote their new evening services line up.

The client needed promotional leaflets that could be picked up at the Church or distributed to those who might be interested.


Evening services leaflet

The evening service schedule is varied and includes short courses, family teas and gospel events. To convey the range of services succinctly we adopted an approach favoured by the local council in relation to bin collections – a colour-coded calendar.

The leaflets were A6 in size and printed double-sided. The front included the Church branding, an image of communion glasses, a title, a relevant Bible verse and a web address. The back of the leaflet included the calendar and key explaining each colour.

Sunday evening services timetable

The size and format of the leaflets allows them to be stuck to fridges or stored conveniently for reference.

Web page

We also set up a corresponding web page with more information about the services. This can be shared easily via social media, email or text.

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