Dove Christian Ministries website and brand

Dove Christian Ministries

We recently worked with Dove Christian Ministries to develop a range of digital tools to support their work.

Based in Glasgow, Scotland, Dove offer a range of services including counsel and ministry and training for those involved in pastoral care. They occasionally run reflective and meditative events for groups.


Dove needed three items developed:

  1. a new website for the organisation
  2. a brand identity
  3. a training portal for those attending their course

Dove website

We developed a new website using WordPress as a content management system (CMS). We worked with the client on site structure and content, conducting keyword research to ensure copy matched what potential clients were looking for online.

Training was provided on the CMS so that they are able to make future changes to content themselves.

We incorporated website tracking using Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Hotjar, and developed a reporting dashboard with Google Data Studio.

We also worked with the client in sourcing and purchasing web hosting for the new site.

Dove brand identity

While Dove Christian Ministries has been operating for many years, they didn’t have an official brand identity.

Their name stems from a story about the creation of a glass dove, fashioned together from pieces of a broken window. As they used a hand-drawn image of this bird on their publicity materials, we thought it appropriate to incorporate the image in the final logo.

We used the original glass picture as the basis of a vector graphic and placed this alongside the name of the organisation. The graphic can be used on publicity of all sizes; small images on a website or large ones on a banner.

Training portal

We set up a training resource using Moodle, having used it to develop content for universities previously.

Moodle is an open-source learning platform that allows student to access course content online. Those developing courses can include a range of features including text and video, discussion forums and quizzes. Sections of a course can also be set to appear at different times so they coincide with different training sessions.

We worked with Dove to get their initial content in place and ran training on how to use Moodle as an administrator and teacher.

Work with us

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