Building a bridge

We were approached by the Bridge Community Project in Livingston to review and update the homepage of their website.

As a charity offering money advice and counselling services it is important that clients can find these services quickly. Knowing the most popular content is also vital so it can be better signposted for the user.

Assessing Bridge user behaviour

We looked at how users were interacting with the existing homepage using Google Tag Manager and Hotjar. We also gathered a year’s worth of data from Google Analytics to gauge What pages get most views.

On page activity

A heatmap of activity on the homepage showed most users rely on the main menu to move around the site, rather than links on the page.

An assessment of scrolling behaviour also showed very few people get past the top banner on the homepage.


The top performing pages on the website are:

  1. Homepage
  2. Counselling
  3. Work with us
  4. Contact
  5. About the Bridge
  6. Money advice

The general mix of pages being viewed meant the new homepage should provide a broader range of content than just links to counselling and money advice.

Solutions for the Bridge

We decided to keep the top banner but make it a call to action. We included both the counselling and money advice services with two buttons on each; one for more information, the other a way to get in contact.

Counselling banner

We added a brief introduction to the project alongside a promotional video that had been developed previously by the client.

Three information sections were also added covering counselling, money advice and opportunities to volunteer.

Bridge volunteering

We then added an embedded Facebook page profile so users can connect with them on that platform, alongside a newsletter sign up form. In addition, we included links to information about how people can fund raise for or donate to the charity.

Bridge support

We concluded the homepage with contact details for the Bridge, featuring their address, phone number and an embedded Google map.

The new homepage was launched at the end of May 2018.

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